IMG_1569Aerial Yoga –  Designed for participants of all fitness levels, this class utilizes an aerial fabric hammock (that hangs roughly 3 feet off the floor) for an elevated take on traditional asanas. We swing, sway, breathe and explore traditional yoga poses with a new relationship to gravity, while staying close to the floor.  The class begins on the mat, moves to expanded heights, and takes us home to a new sense of center.  Beginners to both yoga and aerial are welcome in any aerial yoga class.

Beginning Aerial – Aerial dance offers a way to achieve fitness and artistry in a novel setting. In this introductory class, students new to working on the apparatus will learn basic body awareness and techniqueas applied to movement in the air. Safe technique, fundamental vocabulary, strength, and flexibility are all covered in a series of fun challenges!

Intermediate Aerial – This is a course designed for students who already have a fundamental knowledge of aerial skills. Further conditioning increases strength and flexibility and grows students’ aerial vocabulary. Participants must be able to invert in the air, as they will move to more advanced skills, including beginning drops. Basic fabric theory is introduced as participants expand their understanding of their relationship to the apparatus, and creativity can flourish through exploration and choreography!

_MG_5575_2Advanced Aerial – Advanced Aerial is for students with a good base of aerial experience and a solid understanding of technique.  In this class, students will delve deep into fabric theory and the choreographic process, in addition to learning new skills and more complex aerial vocabulary.  Participation is by permission of instructor.

Aerial Conditioning
 – While every aerial technique class involves a certain amount of conditioning, this all-levels class catapults students into a new level of strength and endurance. Offered in a circuit format that uses both aerial equipment and ground exercises, core and upper-body strength are emphasized, with supplemental lower-body rounding out the workout. This can supplement aerial technique classes or stand alone as a great workout for aerialists and non-aerialists alike!

Open Hangout Time – This is a supervised opportunity for students at an intermediate level or above to practice skills in a self-guided manner. A teacher is on site to answer questions and ensure safe practices, but students determine what they will work on, using material from structured class time.  Advanced and professional participants may use their own equipment with permission from the instructor.


 Floor Classes:

Adult Lyrical/Modern Dance – This grounded dance class is designed to nurture the body and soothe the spirit as it integrates a variety of post-balletic movement styles in an environment filled with challenge and devoid of judgment. Participants will emerge lighter, stronger, and more energized.

Ballroom Dance – 45 minutes of instruction, followed by 30 minutes of open dance time. By the end of each session, you’ll have a fun combination to practice! No dance experience necessary.

Week 1: Tango, Week 2: Waltz, Week 3: Rumba, Week 4: Swing, Week 5: Foxtrot, Week 6: Salsa

Please wear suede or leather bottom dress or ballroom shoes. Ballet, jazz, and character shoes are also permitted. Rubber sole shoes (e.g., gym shoes), wedge/platform heels, and sandals are not permitted. When in doubt, feel free to dance in socks!

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